Dolly Wants To Play

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About Dolly Wants To Play

Dolly Wants to Play is a strange horror game with a lot of puzzles and scary monsters. Use your guns to shoot enemies and look for toys in this old factory for toys that has been left to fall apart.

How to play

In Dolly Wants to Play, a new online game, you have to break into an abandoned toy factory. You'll have to save up for the good toys here. They are in different places in the factory. Your character will have to walk through the factory, armed to the teeth, to find them. But the problem is that the factory is full of bad toys that will try to hurt you. You'll have to point your gun at them and fire while staying far away. If you shoot accurately, you will kill the enemy. After they die, sometimes different trophies can fall out of them. You'll have to get these things. They will help you win your next fights.

Have fun and good luck!

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