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About Surze

In the 3D horror game Surze, the devil opened the gates to hell on Earth. A scary devil's monster has come out of the gate and is now terrorizing the world.

How to play

The classrooms and hallways of a local public school are haunted by a scary monster. The yellow bus is outside, but you don't have the key to start it. Find it and help the kids who are hiding in the dark rooms from the thing.

Stay quiet and stay out of sight. If the thing sees you, you will die. Can you stay calm, find your way through the building, and get out without getting hurt?

This game is controlled the same way as any first-person shooter or walking simulator.

To move, press W, A, S, and D. Use the mouse to look around. Hold Ctrl to sneak up on the beast quietly and Shift to run away quickly.

When you get close to a student hiding in one of the rooms, they will call out. Get closer to them to get them to join you and follow you around. Find all six kids before getting the bus key and running away.

If you leave, these kids won't make it. Don't let the darkness take them over.

Have fun and good luck!

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